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Whether you need some help selecting the right auger or drilling tools for your project, or you have a custom design requirement, we would welcome your call at 205-841-8600.

new rolling press

New Rolling PressWe have just upgraded our barrel/bucket rolling capabilities with a state of the art rolling press. It was designed to our specs and will greatly increase our capacities for drilling buckets, cleanout buckets, core barrels, caissons, etc. It also expands our capabilities for any type of custom rolling projects customers might have a need for.

To highlight the benefit this machine is already providing, a contractor ran into a critical need for a core barrel recently. We were able to make a 72" core barrel fitted with the new .990 Dragon Teeth and have it on site in six days*. Check out the story at International Foundation of Drilling's February Magazine.

*Even though the new machine provides us with much greater capacity, lead times are still dependent on orders already on the schedule. We'll do everything we can to accommodate emergencies. Call us at 205-841-8600 if you have questions about current lead times.

Auger Manufacturer


Auger Manufacturer
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