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Drilling Tool Manufacturer

Whether you need some help selecting the right auger or drilling tools for your project, or you have a custom design requirement, we would welcome your call at 205-841-8600.

New Cnc machine

This brings our total to four state of the art CNC / Lathe Machines. Greater capacities for production became necessary after we made significant improvements to Continuous Flight Couplers. The new design is stronger, it's a simpler design and much easier to join and work with in the field. Due to the fact they are manufactured in our Birmingham location, we can typically provide a fast turn around for most orders.

About The Improved Design CFA Coupler

As with all of our new product development, we listen closely to our customers and design accordingly. What we have developed is a coupler that requires only one o-ring as opposed to the two different sized rings required by older designs. Rather than being held together with a nut and bolt, ours has two 3/4" locking pins that are secured in place with a 1/2" set screw. This design provides a sure fit each and every time and is very fast to assemble in the field. We can also retrofit your old CFA with the new couplers.

CFA Coupler

Auger Manufacturer

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Jeffrey Machine - Auger Manufacturer